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          Company Overview
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          Founded in September, 2003, Zhejiang Firstar Panel Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Firstar Panel Technology) is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. By revolving upon smartphone tablet PC and other mobile internet terminal products and catering to the most cutting-edge technological demands, the Company has been vigorously organizing, developing, producing and manufacturing various sight glass protective screens, touch screens, touch display modules, new display devices and relevant materials and modules. In 2014, it fared a sales volume of 1.678 billion Yuan. After 10-odd-year efforts, the Company has rapidly grown into one of the backbone new and high-tech enterprises in the field. With a registered capital of 225.82 million Yuan, the Company was publically-listed in Growth Enterprise Market in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August, 19, 2011 (stock abbreviation ‘Firstar Panel Technology’, stock code 300256). It is the first listed enterprise in the field.

          Since its establishment, the Company has been putting overseas and domestic high-end customer market as the objective, taking the path of internationalized cooperation, taking in international high-end talents, and closely centering upon the most forefront technological demands from international customers. Valid organization, development innovation and rapid industrialization help Firstar Panel stick out within a space of two years from a small-scaled private company lying afield from the industrial clustering area so that it has successfully accessed international customer cooperation circle Chinese private companies find difficult to thrust into and take root, shoved into the international stage and passed certification of such international famed brands as Microsoft, Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, Sony, Amazon and so forth. Meanwhile, it has been establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many domestic titans in the manufacturing industry such as Lenovo, Huawei, Coolpad, Minu, BBK and the like. It has reached advanced level among like products worldwide in terms of quality and has become an outstanding supplier and partner wooing favor among myriads international and domestic famed companies. In 2011, 2.5D/2.25 D series products initiatively researched and developed by our company in the field stood atop in ranking throughout the world in terms of output. It features leading advantage on technology and scale on the domestic and international basis.

          For the late couple of years, many scientific research projects undertaken by the Company have been incorporated to national and provincial science and technology planning projects; many of its products have passed project achievement assessment and attained international advanced level; and many achievements have won Zhejiang Provincial Award for Scientific and Technological Progress and Taizhou Municipal Award for Scientific and Technological Progress. The Company has independently applied for and been authorized 12 patents (another 19 patents have been accepted) including 3 patents for invention and 10 patents for utility models. The Company has been granted Outstanding Provincial Corporate Technological Center, Provincial High-tech Development Center and Provincial Corporate Research Institute. In September, 2007, it was affirmed as a national new and high-tech enterprise. It passed recheck for new and high-tech company at the year’s end of 2012.

          The Company owns 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 1 holding subsidiary joint venture. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries are:

          Guangdong Xingchi Photoelectricity Science and Technology Ltd., Shenzhen Shenyue Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhi Lianmao Plastic Co., Ltd., and its holding subsidiary corporation is Zhejiang Xinggu Touch Technology.

          The Company will adhere to the concept that ‘the core of enterprise management is cost, the process of company management is efficiency and the outcome of company management is effectiveness’. By putting energy conservation and environmental protection as its own mission, marketing as its own orientation, innovation of operational mechanism and intensification of company management as the means and improvement of company core competitiveness as the objective, it preserves in the path of international technological and commercial cooperation and carries on by propelling the strategy featuring ‘introduction of high-end talents, intensification of technological innovation and integration, promotion of achievement industrialization and grips on international market’ in a bid to attain leap-frog rapid progress.